Monday, October 22, 2007

sitting at gallery espresso

So, the above is not a photo of Gallery but the feeling is the same. I have just enjoyed a toasty everything bagel and am waiting for my Finnish, soon to be Spanish, student's arrival. It is good to be home knowing full-well, that I may only have a few months here.

The theme of my stay is indeed that of a sojourner. I enjoy the novelty of a woman singing, a guy next to me knitting, a man, walking his cat in a stroller greets a woman "walking" her dog in an even larger stroller. This is my odd-beautiful-eccentric home, Savannah.

I just received news that I have been accepted to the language program in Rome. There is a date and it is set and I need to live accordingly, never squandering the joy of friends and family near, soon to be far. An essay and Italian words call. Ci vediamo molto presto.

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Merry said...

People should read this.

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