Saturday, May 16, 2009

a room to call home

Fuschia, red and orange; quite the bright palette seen more in my photos than in my normal home decor. Roses that were dripping wet, heavy under the rain, I picked today. It is still gray and raining outside, but here, it is warm and cozy. In order to create art, one must have a space or, as Virginia Woolf wrote, "A Room of One's Own". I have that now here in Korea. In addition to the fuschia roses are the tawny coral ones given to me yesterday for Teacher's Day in Korea. Most of the objets d'art in the room are street findings with a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint. Several of the pictures are from my recent trip to Hong Kong placed in frames found dumpster diving. The comfy bamboo chair, the dresser, the baskets even some of the decor are courtesy of the great outdoors. One might call it a neighborhood collaboration.
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