Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Textured Warmth: Savannah and Austin Brick

A Fresh Start


These are some photos taken in our dining room of my wedding bouquet on its way out. As crazy as it seems, the wedding is now almost three weeks behind us. Russ and I have been as busy as a hill of ants in summer trying to get our house ready both for ourselves and some downstairs' renters.

With the move from Korea, the new house and the wedding, "Anissa Designs" has been in a hiatus of sorts. Autumn seems to want to show up in Savannah, but Indian Summer (at a high of 89 degrees) is having none of it.

This weekend I will have a tent sent up with Hallogreen in Daytona with a booth of my photos, photo cards, photo jewelry and coasters. A national non-profit, Hallogreen is also designed to be a fundraiser for The Fair Share Urban Agriculture Project:

"Fair Share" is an Urban Garden Project of Salt of the Earth, Inc. a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization. Our volunteers can raise food for low-income households in need and help install vegetable gardens in backyards, schools, churches, and other community groups. We also provide people with the opportunity to participate in a community garden if they would like their own space for growing fresh food for themselves!"

25% of Anissa Designs sales is going to support Fair Share and another 25% is going to World Vision's First Giving:

(By purchasing photos and artwork this weekend) "Your gift will provide hardworking families with livestock or farming tool that can put food on the table and savings in their pockets. Along with the animals and farming supplies, recipients will be trained in proper care and management of their resources, as well as how to market their wares - things like dairy products, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. This is a wonderful way to express your support for the world's poor."

Thanks for joining us in this effort. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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