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in a contemplative mood

These are my feet. They are full of French mud- from the Seine in fact. I was dancing like a banshee at this year's Rock en Seine and the reeking mud got into my hair, my face, my clothes and obviously my feet. When I came dragging home off the metro at mon favorite Gare d'Austerlitz, my roommate, Mauro, stood by the door quite clueless as to what his little friend had been up to. I miss mes amis de Paris. I hope to return soon. Back to the here and now, I just finished dancing up a storm to Justice when I got out of the shower. I had an interesting mid-afternoon of getting locked out of the house during a fantastic run. Though stranded for an hour and a half, it made me quite contemplative and I met some lovely folks at the Victory Feed and Seed. We discussed barn and tom cats, horses, alfalfa and security systems. Thank you Twila and Willy for a lovely afternoon. Thank you Pop-A-Lock and Ricardo, Home Sweet Home. Thank you Delphy for guarding the house and rooting for me to get back in.
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